Meet Tracie

Tracie Ingersoll Loy grew up in the Pacific Northwest and graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts which included creative writing. Her college friends said,”All good writers drink scotch”. She’s been perfecting it ever since in pursuit of becoming a writer.

Tracie ducked out of the corporate world of marketing and sales where she witnessed tawdry romances that she always felt would be great stories in her books. SLIP INTO the NIGHT is her first book in the Hartz Island mysteries taking place in the San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest, a location dear to her heart. DEEP INTO the NIGHT continues with the characters we we first met but mysteries abound with new discoveries. What seemed like a sleepy island is a beehive of illegal activity. Currently, Tracie is creating the 3rd book in the Hartz Island series, PEER INTO the NIGHT to be released in the fall.

Tracie lives in Northern Illinois with her husband and two dogs, a sassy cock-a-poo and a determined border collie.