Book 4 of the Hartz Island Mysteries

Dan Johnson, head of Canadian Border Services enlists the aid of the American friends, Kip Hendricks and Ray Carlson for their perspective and professional insight. Part of the newly formed agency, Canadian American Cyber Attack, the two men are intrigued and jump on the invitation to boat up and meet Dan Johnson at the Blackie Spit Marina.

Montana Worthington and Jeannie Rogers leap at the opportunity of a fun mini-vacation, and they eagerly join the men – then everything explodes. Initially what seems like a Canadian problem, is soon to be an international one.

Montana Worthington, Hartz Island’s mystical, magical savior of souls, and the occasional amateur sleuth, is shaken to her core when the biker father she never knew, shows up on Hartz Island searching for her. He claims it is a matter of life and death, but whose life? And why now?

Undercover DEA agent Ray Carlson is determined to keep his life simple and uncomplicated while assigned to Hartz Island, but the harder he tries, the more he is swept into Montana Worthington’s world.

Special Agent Jack Wyatt returns to Hartz Island, enlisting the aid of his former boss, Kip Hendricks and his Canadian counter-part Dan Johnson. Jack is convinced the increase sex trafficking on the west coast is being routed through the San Juan Islands, from Victoria, British Columbia. All arrows point to Rob Armstrong, who is not on Hartz Island to write the great American novel, like he claims.

On the run from her Russian mob boyfriend actress Cassie Ryan narrowly escapes Los Angeles and knows of only one place to hide – Hartz Island, her childhood summer home.

The island’s psychic, Montana Worthington, continues to interfere with ongoing investigations. She is convinced the minister’s wife and her dalliance, Rob Armstrong, are in dire need of saving before catastrophe strikes.

Retired Navy SEAL Commander “Kip” Hendricks and team arrive on Hartz Island, to monitor cargo ships arriving from Indonesia, suspected of smuggling young jihad terrorists. All ships must pass Hartz Island as they head to Pacific Northwest ports. Holed up at Eagle’s Nest Lodge, the joint task force of Americans and Canadians strategize their mission. Tracking the ships, Kip and team discover additional smuggling activity surrounding the islands.

Widowed and forty-five years old, Jeannie Rogers is at a crossroads in her life. She followed her dream and opened her cozy café on Hartz Island but now her CPA brother wants her to sell before she is left with nothing. Trying to make ends meet, Jeannie gladly accepts the week-long catering job at Eagle’s Nest Lodge. Unbeknownst to her, this week would be a pivotal point in her life, but also Kip Hendricks.

The Hartz Island mysteries situated in Washington State’s San Juan Islands that melt into the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, attract eclectic residents, and those who like to live outside the law. Life is not so innocent on Hartz Island.


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